Server's Assistant

This position is not available at this time.

Location: McKinney
Date Posted: 8/17/2013
Desired Start Date: 9/17/2013
Hours: Part Time & Full Time
Pay: Salary commensurate with experience

Job Description



Server Assistant/To Go 

Reports to:

Manager on Duty / takes direction from Server 1 & Server


Summary of Position:  

Server Assistant job position is part of the FOH team and pays $6.50 per hour plus tips received from the mandatory tip share. The mandatory tip share will be divided pro rata based on total hours worked by all Server Assistants.  For example, if you work 20 hours per week and total hours worked by all server assistants is 100 hours then you will receive 20% of the tip share because you worked 20% of the time.  Explanation of tip share is as follows:  1% of all net sales will be collected from servers each shift upon checkout as along at least one Server Assistant is on duty.  If a Server Assistant is not scheduled then the tip share is 0%.  This cash will be distributed on a weekly basis. Server Assistant’s will have the responsibility of greeting the guest at the door, establishing wait time, seating guest and thanking them as they leave (a positive attitude is a must), bussing tables and cleaning tables, and assisting the server in running food to the tables on a needed basis.  Server Assistants may also perform “To-Go” duties, including answering phone, taking orders, and insuring satisfaction when customer arrives to pick up order.  All Server Assistants will be required to complete all duties related to assisting the server including creating a “make your day” guest experience, correct table rotation, menu knowledge, food quality and cleanliness standards.  Number of Server Assistants scheduled each shift will vary according to sales volumes.  It is likely that the Manager on Duty will assign you a primary job duty during your shift, for example, greeting customers at the door.  However, you should be prepared to assist Servers in each and every aspect of the Server’s job. Standard dress code applies in that all Front of the House employees must wear a Mellow Mushroom shirt, be clean and neatly composed for each shift. Good personal hygiene is a must, no strong perfumes i.e. applying to much of a scent, patchouli oil etc. Jeans, shorts and skirts may be worn as long as they are of appropriate length and appearance (no excessive holes, or too short). Hair must reflect neatness as well, with long hair tied behind. Closed toe shoes are the only acceptable form of footwear allowed. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

Be able to communicate and understand the predominant language(s) of our guests (verbal and written). Greeting guest at door; door should be opened for guest that are entering and leaving the building. Acknowledge guests that you are within 3 feet of, and have full understanding of table numbers. Establishing customer wait time, seating guests, accommodate special requests whenever possible. Seat guest based on guest preference and balancing of customer flow and service. Upon seating the guest, offer guests menu and inform them of their Server’s name.  Relay messages to Server or fellow Server Assistants as needed.  Bussing and cleaning tables, cleaning and restocking restrooms every hour on the hour as needed. Sweep Front of the House entrances and patios making sure cigarette butts are picked up and trash is disposed of. Ensure coloring pages are stocked. Clean windows with primary focus on the doors. Check with managers to see if we have any reservations; set tables as needed. Fully understand and comply with all federal, state, county and municipal regulations that pertain to health, safety and labor requirements of the restaurant, employees and guests. Assist in completing all Server and Server 1 side work and closing duties (ex: folding boxes, running rack, rolling silverware). During periods of down time, the Server Assistant should ask for side work duties from the Server (1). Server Assistants are required to attend all employee meetings.



Full working knowledge of the menu and Aloha.  Be able to communicate in predominate language of guest (both verbal and written).  Server Assistants must have a valid health card, and be able to go up to 8 hours without smoking a cigarette. I have read and understand this job description and FOH manual.