Beer Club

Drink all of our different beers at a Mellow Mushroom, and you'll receive an awesome engraved mug, 20oz. beers for the price of a 16oz., your name immortalized on a plaque, and the deep sense of satisfaction that only comes when one identifies a goal and finds the courage and perseverance to see it through to the end.

Mellow Trivia

Ah, Trivia night at Mellow Mushroom. Good food, plenty of beer, and a chance to empty out all that useless crap that's been gumming up the RAM in your head oh these many years. Yes, you may be humiliated, but then again there's a chance you may come out looking like Einstein. Or what Einstein would be like if he watched every episode of Star Trek, like nine times.

Mellow Gear

Let's make a deal, shall we? We'll agree to sell you this Mellow branded merchandise, at a fair price. And you'll agree to wear it, thus turning yourself into a walking advertisement for our restaurants. As far as specifics go, we'll only sell you stuff that will make you look good, but only as long as you make us look good.

Live music, no scalpers

Imagine that - cold beer, great food, and the chance to see live music all in one place. And we're not talking heinous 50's cover bands either, but solid, up and coming local bands that someday nobody will ever believe played at a Pizza place. Check your local store for dates and artists.

Gift Cards

It's the best tasting plastic in the world. And a lot less messy than trying to jam a pizza into someone's wallet. Mellow Mushroom gift cards are the perfect gift for the person who has everything, especially hunger. And the need for a few cold ones.