Welcome to Clemson

Mellow Mushroom is proud to serve Clemson with delicious pizza, hoagies, calzones and salads. Providing quality food since 1974, we use fresh ingredients on all our menu items. Mellow Mushroom is more than just a pizza restaurant; it is where Clemson pizza lovers and beer lovers gather. Our menu and locations are as eclectic as our fans. There is unique artwork in each of our locations. The search for the best pizza in Clemson is over. This store was a family home pre 1920's, then it was a boarding, after that it was a fraternity house and finally it was vacant. Mark Johnson found this piece of property in 2000 and converted it into The Mellow Mushroom. The floor to the second story was removed and you can see all the way up into the original rooms. Many customers come in to see where they slept 50-60 years ago. I have pics of the original house, fraternity house, and a pic of a football game when they played directly across the street from Mellow. I love to see and hang old pics of the house. Thanks for your support!!!!