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Mellow Mushroom Mobile App Decommissioning
and New Account Management Functionality

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is the Mellow Mushroom mobile app going away?

With the new and improved, mobile-optimized order.mellowmushroom.com, the platform is a superior, easier ordering experience.


2. What information is being permanently deleted?

Previous orders, favorite orders, delivery addresses, login credentials, and credit card information will all be securely purged on 9/22/20.


3. When is Mellow Mushroom Mobile going away?

Starting 09/23/20, the Mellow Mushroom mobile app for iPhone and Android will no longer function.


4. If I have an account on order.mellowmushroom.com is that the same as having an account on the mobile app?

Yes! Your login credentials for an account made on order.mellowmushroom.com are the same login credentials for the Mellow Mushroom mobile app, and visa-versa. So when the Mellow Mushroom app is decommissioned on 09/22/20 your login credentials will be deleted. You will need to create a new account starting 09/23/20.


5. Ok, so the app is going away. Can I still use my login online?

No, we will be safely and permanently deleting all data associated with the Mellow Mushroom mobile app, this includes your login information for the app and for order.mellowmushroom.com

Starting 09/23/20 to login, you will need to create a new account to save recent orders, favorite orders, and payment methods. If you create an account using the same email address as before you will receive a promo code for a FREE small build your own 1 ingredient pizza.


6. What’s going to happen to my loyalty points?

Mellow Mushroom did not launch a loyalty program. No guests have accumulated any loyalty points.


7. Will I still receive promotional emails and offers even though my online ordering account and the Mellow Mushroom mobile app are being permanently deleted?

Yes, if you have opted-in to receive promotional offers and emails when you created your account, you will continue to receive those through our Mellow Mushroom eClub. Your eClub profile information is not affected.


8. I signed up for a new account on order.mellowmushroom.com using my previous email address and received a promo code in my welcome email – when can I use it?

The promotion for a Free small build your own pizza with 1 free ingredient offer is valid for accounts created between September 23, 2020 – October 31, 2020 only. The promotion code will be valid for 90 days after it is sent, and only on orders made online at order.mellowmushroom.com.


9. How do I use the promo code?

Go to order.mellowmushroom.com and select the Build You Own menu tab to get started. Select a Small pizza and choose your one (1) free ingredient. When you checkout, use the coupon code from your welcome email.


If you have additional questions, please send us an email at [email protected]