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Mellow Mushroom - Coralville

Mellow Mushroom makes the best pizza in Coralville, Iowa. Our colorful restaurant is located on Coral Ridge Avenue, in the Coral Ridge Mall next to Target. Mellow is a favorite among locals in Coralville, North Liberty, Iowa City, and the surrounding areas. Bold ingredient combinations on a homemade crust, make Mellow pies the most delicious around. Not in the mood for pizza? Order a calzone, hoagie, sandwich, burger, or a Mellow salad and see how care goes into every item on our menu. Take your pick from our selection of 74 draft beers and our tasty, handcrafted cocktails. And, many of our pizzas can be made gluten-free or vegan.

Store Information

Mellow Mushroom Coralville Local design logo store information
Monday - Thursday
Friday - Saturday
Happy Hour
Monday - Friday
3:00 - 6:00PM

1451 Coral Ridge Ave, Coralville, IA, 52241

Curbside Pickup
When you arrive to pick up your order, please pull up curbside at the front of the restaurant and call 319-625-2031. Let our team know your name and the make and model of your car. A Mellow team member will deliver your order to your car.
To-go orders
Pick up TO GO orders at the takeout counter
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Weekly Events

Happy Hour
Monday - Friday
3:00 - 6:00PM
Trivia Night

Mellow Mushroom Coralville - The Story

The restaurant’s theme is a playful combination of outer space and agriculture. The exterior of the building is white stucco with a green roof and a retro Mellow Mushroom sign. Guests can dine on the spacious outdoor patio under the shade of a substantial awning. Inside, a vibrant space mural wraps around the dining room, and Space Invaders artwork can be found above the kitchen. The bar area features a specialized Herky the Hawkeye mascot, and an upside-down silver cow hangs from a giant spaceship hovering above the entire center dining area. Lighted metal columns, metallic chandeliers, and brightly colored booths and chairs add a contemporary feel to the space.

About Mellow Mushroom Coralville

Located near the University of Iowa, Historic Pentacrest, and Kirkwood Community College, we’ve been a favorite for locals and students since 2014. Guests come to us for the very best pizza, cold beer, craft cocktails, a vibrant atmosphere, and a great time! We’re proud to sponsor local sports teams and events.

Ample free parking is available in front of the restaurant. Feel free to bring your furry friend to dine with you on our dog-friendly patio, and join us for bingo or trivia nights. Enjoy happy hour specials every day and try your new favorite pizza at Mellow Mushroom!

Can’t make it into the restaurant? Have your meal delivered right to your door! We offer great delivery and catering options, so you can keep it Mellow any time.

We’d like to say to our guests: We are locally owned and give back to our community on a regular basis. We appreciate your business and look forward to calling you by name on a return visit.

Customer Reviews

Fun and visually interesting place! Server was friendly and knowledgeable when we had questions. Ordered pizza, spin dip and Greek salad. Pizza was hot and delicious, spin dip was yummy, the Greek salad was huge and amazing! Different selection of pizzas or you can create your own! Margaritas were strong and tasty. Cool place and different from big box pizza places. Give it a shot!

Found this place on Google while in town for business. Had good reviews, so I checked it out. Very much worth it. Service was fantastic and so was the food. I went with the Meatball sandwich with a side of tater tots. Excellent sandwich! Bread was very soft and meatballs very tasty. Good food and service. Enjoy!

I was so excited to finally stop at this location, but the excitement wore off after just a couple moments. The hostess made us wait 5 minutes for a clean table even though over half the establishment was empty...Okay, maybe they need to seat in a certain section for the time being. We are seated, and ignored for a solid 10 minutes. When we finally get our opportunity with the waiter, he doesn't know what the Dudes Daiquiris are (I brought along my refillable MM cups just for them and was saddened to find out they do not have them at this location)...Beverage order placed, what feels like another 15 minutes before drinks are brought to us(just water mind you and our daughter soda). We get to place our order, a house salad with some subbed items and extra of 2 items was requested. And a mighty meaty pizza ordered. Much time has passed and my husband made the joke of going ice-skating while we wait for food...He wasn't joking. It was a solid 40 minutes before any food materialized. Pizza arrived before salad. And the pizza had been sitting there for a while because it was not that steaming hot fresh pizza...but more of the I've been warmed for a while vibe... My daughter was never offered a refill on her drink which she was out of before the food arrived. The beer that was ordered, they were out of (though they figured it was okay to charge us for something they didn't provide us with). A new beer was ordered, and we were done eating and a beer I noticed sitting at the bar for about 20 minutes finally got brought over to us... When they finally decide to acknowledge us for the bill, it's incorrect. They charged me $6 for a shot of vodka, charged for the beer we never received, and don't make a mistake of asking for extra items on your salad...They gave me 3 skimpy tomato slices and charged me $1.50 and told me they gave me extra. I had about 10 black olives, got charged $1.50 for those. Hold the onions and just toss in extra cucumbers, nope, here are 12 little wedges (so 3 diced slices) and another $1.50 fee. When I bring this to (whom I can assure is the MOD)attention, he said I adjusted the none received beer off the ticket. I understand, but why am I getting charged for something I did not receive on my salad. He checked with the waiter, and came back hostile. Approached me with a "You ordered extra" I agreed. He said well, was it not enough for you.......I was floored. I said you know what, I'm done trying to point out the windows of opportunity for this experience. Signed my check and left. I am a firm believer in places deserve second chances because sometimes situations out of our control cause less ideal encounters. They were not short staffed, there was more staff then clientele in the building. Props to the chefs for making a solid pizza and a killer salad had it have been made with the extra components I asked for. The service is just 500% lacking...From the moment you walk in you feel unwelcome. The atmosphere sets itself, but if the staff was more engaging and interested in the guests, it would be a stellar establishment. The solid pizza was what scored them a 4 star rating. They are def not upholding the MM standard! 😞