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Jun 22nd, 2022

Mellow Mushroom Takes Innovative Approach to Hiring

ATLANTA, June 22, 2022 — Mellow Mushroom this week launched an innovative new recruiting tool for employee hiring and retention using Tiktok and Instagram videos. The new content goes live on June 23 and is designed by social media influencer and creator, Drew Talbert.



The social media video will be used to find talented candidates for Mellow’s “Operations Coach” positions, a role that focuses on building operational excellence among the company’s 170 restaurants. The brand will be looking to find several talented people for the Operations Coach positions in the coming months.



The video takes a fun look at a Mellow manager who’s being promoted, focusing on how the brand will be replacing him with a current employee rather than going outside the company. Link to Video.



Those interested in these positions can apply via this link



“We’ve learned the best talent for the Operations Coach positions comes from our existing family of franchise and company locations,” says Mike Foster, Chief Operating Officer for Mellow Mushroom. “By recruiting from within, we expect to attract candidates who already know and love our Mellow culture and want to advance their careers in the industry.”



Mellow expects that hiring from within for the Operations Coaches will result in a stronger resource for Mellow franchisees. Hiring team members who already know Mellow Mushroom operations will speed the hiring process, and reduce onboarding and training time. It will also reduce the overall cost to find candidates.



Foster adds: “We will never say no to great talent. Our preference is to hire team members who have Mellow experience at the restaurant level and have passion for the brand.”



Drew Talbert is a creator who’s worked with Mellow Mushroom. He has almost two million followers on TikTok, almost 400,000 on YouTube, and more than 300,000 followers on Instagram. Talbert has created a full cast of Mellow characters for social media, playing all the roles himself.



“Mellow Mushroom gets it! They understand that reaching potential employees means using fun, engaging videos that resonate with their audiences,” said Drew Talbert. “I worked for more than two decades in restaurants and understand the dynamics that drive and influence those on the front lines. For this project, I created a social media video to reach prospects on their favorite social media channels. Tiktok and Instagram.”



Later this summer, a second phase of the Mellow Mushroom recruiting campaign will launch with a focus on attracting new hourly employees to Mellow Mushroom restaurants.