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Mellow’s scratch-made mixers and stellar spirits make for a special kind of cocktail. No premade blends, no artificial additives, no preservatives. Just fresh ingredients that are sure to send your taste buds on a trip they won’t soon forget.

Experiencing a sudden strong desire for food? Enjoy Mellow Munchies as starters, meals, or something in between.

Made with fresh ingredients and hand-chopped daily, these salads are the real deal. Delight your senses and feed your head.

All-Natural Salad Dressings

  • Signature Esperanza (cal 220-440)
  • Herb vinaigrette (cal 210-420)
  • Balsamic vinaigrette (cal 140-280)
  • Chunky bleu cheese (cal 200-400)
  • Caesar (cal 240-470)
  • Ranch (cal 200-410)

Build It!

Your choice of base plus three ingredients. Base choices are lettuce blend (romaine and iceberg lettuce, shredded carrots and red cabbage), romaine, spinach or spring mix. (cal 10-20)
Customize to your taste with additional cheeses and fresh ingredients below.


*Bleu cheese (cal 100)
Cheddar (cal 110)
Feta cheese (cal 160)
*MontAmoré® (cal 120)
*Mozzarella - fresh (cal 70)
Mozzarella - shredded (cal 80)
Parmesan - shaved (cal 100)
Provolone (cal 100)
Ricotta - seasoned (cal 80)
Follow Your Heart® vegan cheese
(cal 80)


Anchovies (cal 50)
Artichoke hearts (cal 10)
*Avocado (cal 50)
Applewood smoked bacon (cal 160)
Banana peppers (cal 0)
Basil (cal 0)
Black olives (cal 40)
*Candied pecans (cal 160)
Caramelized onions (cal 10)
*Chicken, all-natural grilled (cal 100)
Cucumbers (cal 0)
Diced apples (cal 15)
*Dried cherries (cal 150)
Garlic (cal 10)
Green olives (cal 40)
Green peppers (cal 5)
Ham (cal 90)
Jalapeños (cal 10)
Kalamata olives (cal 80)
Mushrooms (cal 20)
Onions (cal 10)
Pepperoncini (cal 20)
Pepperoni (cal 130)
Pineapple (cal 20)
Portobello mushrooms (cal 10)
Roasted mushroom trio (cal 25)
Roasted red peppers (cal 10)
Roma tomatoes (cal 0)
Salami (cal 110)
Spinach (cal 0)
*Steak, grilled, shaved all-natural ribeye (cal 140)
Roasted tomatoes (cal 45-90)
Tempeh (cal 110)
Tofu (cal 50)
Build your own pizza!

Experience a higher order of pizza. Choose from our selection of stone-baked pizza pies. Always hand-crafted for you, and baked-to-order since 1974.

Build your own starts with a cheese pizza and is topped with ingredients of your choosing. Thin crust, gluten-free crust and vegan cheese also available.

Build It!

Customize to your taste with any of the fresh ingredients listed. Base sauce choices include olive oil & garlic, pesto and Mellow Red Sauce. (cal 15-100)
1. Pick your size:
2. Pick your ingredients:


Extra Mozzarella GF (cal 20)
*Bleu cheese (cal 25-30)
Cheddar (cal 30-40)
Feta cheese GF (cal 20-30)
*MontAmoré® (cal 30-45)
*Mozzarella - fresh (cal 20)
Parmesan - shaved (cal 10-20)
Provolone (cal 25-35)
Ricotta - seasoned (cal 20-25)
Follow Your Heart® vegan cheese GF
(cal 25)


Anchovies (cal 10)
Apples, diced (cal 15)
Applewod smoked bacon GF (cal 160)
Artichoke hearts (cal1 0)
*Avocado (cal 50)
Banana peppers (cal 5)
Basil (cal 0)
Cherries, dried (cal 45)
*Chicken, grilled (cal 100)
Cucumbers (cal 0)
Garlic (cal 0)
Genoa Salami (cal 10)
Green peppers GF (cal 110)
Ground Beef GF (cal 5)
Honey Ham GF (cal 70)
Italian Sausage (cal 60)
Jalapeños (cal 35)
Meatballs (cal 20)
Mushrooms GF (cal 50)
Mushrooms, Portobello (cal 10)
Mushroom Trio, Roasted (cal 10)
Caramelized onions (cal 25)
Olives, Black GF (cal 0-5)
Olives, Green (cal 40)
Olives, Kalamata (cal 45)
Onions GF (cal 80)
Onions, Caramelized (cal 10)
*Pecans, glazed (cal 10)
Peppadew® peppers (cal 160)
Pepperoncini GF (cal 5)
Pepperoni GF (cal 15)
Pineapple (cal 130)
Red Peppers, roasted (cal 35)
*Roasted Pork (cal 10)
Salami (cal 60)
Italian Sausage GF (cal 60-70)
Spinach GF (cal 35)
*Steak, grilled ribeye (cal 0)
Tomatoes, roasted GF (cal 140)
Tomatoes, Roma GF (cal 45)
Tempeh (cal 5)
Tofu (cal 150)

Our tofu, tempeh, and all-natural chicken and steak can be prepared in your choice of our sauces: BBQ, buffalo, herb vinaigrette, jerk, pesto or teriyaki. (cal 50)
(cal 10-100)

* These items are so good they count as two ingredients.
Prefer no meat and no dairy? We got you. From fully vegan pies, to salads and more, we have vegans covered. We take great care to prevent cross contamination (only applicable for items below).
Need a pie with peace of mind? Our curated selection of stone-baked pies can be ordered on our 10” signature GF crust with our certified gluten-free safe procedures (only applicable to items below).
All calzones are made with fresh Mellow dough and served with a side of Mellow red sauce. Ingredients for a calzone are priced at small pie prices.

Stuffed with premium meats, cheeses, veggies, and specialty ingredients, Mellow hoagies satisfy cravings in a big way.

An American classic sourced and grilled the Mellow way. Featuring all-natural, 100% Angus Beef from the family-owned and operated Harris Ranch.
Frozen Pops, Cookies, & BrowniesOrder any cookie or brownie as a sundae. We’ll top it with all-natural vanilla bean ice cream, dark chocolate truffle sauce, house-made fresh whipped cream and an all-natural bing cherry for an additional charge. (cal 380)
A selection of fan favorite meal packages for your family and friends. Now it’s simpler than ever to click, pick and eat. Meals for Home come as is and cannot be customized.

Get Nutrition facts for anything on our menu