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Balsamic marinated Tempeh layered on top of lettuce, Roma tomatoes, and melted Follow Your Heart Vegan Cheese. Finished with grilled onions, mushrooms and green peppers.

half: (cal 580)     whole: (cal 1170)

Mellow takes veggies to the max. This pie starts with Mellow red sauce layered with Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, spinach, green peppers, sliced mushrooms, sweet onions, black olives and Roma tomatoes. Don’t worry we have removed the butter and parmesan finish.

Small (cal 380)
Medium (cal 450)
Large (cal 470)

Fresh spinach, dried cherries, diced apples, house-made glazed pecans. Don’t worry we’ve taken the cheese out.

Romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with shredded carrots and red cabbage. Topped with sweet onions, cucumbers, green peppers, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, pepperoncinis, banana peppers, Kalamata olives. Don’t worry we’ve taken the cheese out.

Made with our classic dough and kosher salt and served with traditional yellow mustard.